Saturday, October 26, 2002

i'm getting a sense that my life is going to continue to go absolutley nowhere until the inside of my throat meets the barrell of a gun and his freinds the's easier than work and it's more fun then school.well everyone else seems perfectly happy slipping away into an abyss void of spirtiuality,indivituality,and emotions,so maybe i should just embrace the fate.the past generations have at least tried to change things,my generation is'nt even putting up a fight.we dress in rags,listen to shitty music,watch crappy tv shows,go see dumb ass movies,and then get drunk or get stoned and laugh at what a waste our existance has become,and continue this pathetic cycle of nothingness until our skulls cave in.i'd liek to think i could change things,but with everyone telling me "it's over",it's kind of hard to feel optimistic about things.

god i fucking hate everything.not in a Hot Topic Mall Goth "i'm such an indivitual like all my other freinds who wear make up and listen to Slipknot" way,more of an Eyehategod "everyone is full of shit and so am i so i'll just take a bunch of pills and lock myself in my house and write fucked up poetry" way.

Happy Hollow Spleen.....


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