Saturday, November 02, 2002

she could be heard muttering some inane babble,diguised as a prayer,while she hid in the meat locker.Cold and frightend with tears rolling down her cheek,she waited for the boogie man to finish her off.He approached her and let a single tear fall from his left eye,just before he threw the bed out the window and screamed,plunging the butcher knife into his gut and letting the blood flow out like a river of hellfire.

"Their walls of their mouths will be the dam,overlfowing with ash and bone" he thought.

She had escaped,and he began stalking her around the broken down carrosell,stopping only to watch the dragon flies gather around his wounds.he finds her hanging from a tree top.He then took a bite of the razor wire that was wrapped around her throat like a ribbon,and that fire that burned in his gut had now converged into his mouth,more powerful than it had ever been before.


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