Wednesday, November 13, 2002

somebody else around everyone else
watching your back liek you can't relax
trying to be cool but you look like a fool
to me....
Tell Me
Whydja have to go and make things so Complicated?
See the way you're
Acting like you're somebody else it gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
You Fall And You Crawl And You Break And You Take What You Get
And you turn it into
Honesty you promise me i'm never gonna find you fakin'
No No Noooo.

wow,22 year old failed country singers who pose as 17 year old mallpunks sure do know a lot about life and stuff,especially after they do amatuer porn.

in my lifetime,i've seen us go from a Kurt Cobain to a Fred Durst,from a Fiona Apple to a if that is evolution,in another 5 years cross eyed retarded 1st graders are going to be topping the billboard charts with songs about poo and there's something i can groove too.peace out.

(fyi:i just totally ripped off a Lewis Black rant and made it more tirival by replacing Presidential candidates with pop stars.are'nt i special?)

i'm off to drink some Ny-Quil and visit the International House Of Pancakes.


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