Friday, December 06, 2002

it's official,i hate humanity.

simple as that.if the whole world ceased to exist tomorrow i would'nt care.i'm so sick of everything and everyone.i'm sick of bleeding heart liberals who cry and piss and moan about anything that might hurt someone's feelings,and i'm sick of these braindead conservitives who think that anyone who does'nt bow down to their corporate masters or blindly devotes themselves to the government,never questioning anything the government says or does,is a "communist".i'm sick of hearing "America:Love it Or Leave It!" from brainwashed douchebags who are so blind by 911 that they are so quick to judge anyone who presents a viewpoint that is'nt "AMERICA RULES!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!111!!".those same people act like America is the only country in the world worth living in,like no other country ever did anything for anyone,like no other culture means anything.someone needs to make a bumper sticker that says "America:GET OVER YOURSELF."no wonder everyone hates this botomless chum bucket.before you say "try living in IRAQ" just stop yourself and think.why would i wanna live in a piss hole like Iraq?there are over 200 other countries in the world that are'nt toilets,that are just as good if not better than shut up and read a book.

i'm sick of our culutre's obsession with codependacy and procreation.that everyone must have a boyfreind/girlfreind and must have lots of sex in order to be considered a worthy memeber of the human species.i'm sorry,but i'm not gonna fuck some girl just to say i fucked her.sexuality is a natural desire that all humans posses.just because you fuck does'nt make you superior to anyone.anyone can do it.if a girl is intrested in me,why do I have to do the work?just come out and say it.these are the unwritten Rules Of Atraction.Men must do everything.well guess what,I'm a shy insecure awkward indivitual,and i am not comftorble walking up to a girl and saying......

this sucks.i have no idea what i'm talking about right now.this is just a pointless diatribe that any 13 year old mall goth spits out on an hourly basis.i'm gonna go listen to Circle Of Dead Children and curse humanity.

fuck off and die.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

well i think my violent overactive imagination just cost me a best freind/possible lover.i should have seen this coming.i'll take the blame again,only because no one else is willing too.

she made me an "addict" and i made her a "victim".i guess we're even now.

just another lump in the sea of shit.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

so Terminator 3.

well,the villianess looks pretty hot.that's something.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I'm not speaking to hurwt my feewings.

no,I Kid.

i think i have writers block again.or maybe i'm just relaxed.or maybe life is'nt so crappy after all.maybe i can stop being mad at the world and i can move on with a new sense of hope and optimism.maybe i can listen to Ska and dance till i drop.maybe i can cut my hair and wear Ambercrombie and Finch and be nice to people.maybe i'll start to see the brillaince of "7th Heaven".

yeah,and maybe dogs will crap chocolate ice cream.