Friday, January 17, 2003

it's been a long long while since i posted anything.these last couple of weeks have been rather hectic.lots of emotional breakdowns,mental exhaustion,ocassional writers block,and a soundtrack provided by Leonard Cohen and Kalibas.anyways hopefully i can go back to being a self important douchebag who masturbates too much and listens to grindcore,laughing at what a big ol' waste of time my life..well really OUR lives really are.

i turned 20 on tuesday.too old to hit on high school girls and too young to buy booze.20 is definatley the void of all ages.on that hopeless note i must go back to staring at blank pages in my sticker laden marble never know when some disjointed musiing or nonsensical babling diguised as poetry will pop into your noggin.Peace Out...................


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