Tuesday, February 04, 2003

maybe if that ass master from Everclear was still a heroin addict his band would'nt suck so bad.actually he would probably be dead and our world would have one less loser wanna be rock superstar but have no personality handjob merchant.

i have been told that i talk to much about music.and movies.give me something else to give a shit about.if i did'nt have music or movies i would kill every last one of.some of you would be dead a million times if i did'nt have Pig Destroyer's Prowler In The Yard and Blue Velvet on DVD.so be glad i only like to listen to songs about violent emotional breakdowns and celebrate the fact that i get more satisfaction out of seeing people kick scream and kill on the screen rather than in real life.otherwise you would have another Richard Ramirez instead of a shy awkward agoraphobic who secretly wishes he could be like Tyler Durden.banging Helena Bonham Carter,chilling out with Meat Loaf,and selling little pink soaps to insomniacs.

what i wish was NP:SWANS-The Great Annihilator.


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