Friday, March 21, 2003

Spring Break In Bahgdad Productions in association with Dead People Should Be Killed Entertainment proudly present.

A 30 Word Description Of Myself. By Nicholas V. Cacioppo

what am i?
who am i?
how do i fit into the grand scam that is the human race?

i have recently compiled a 30 word summary of just what,who,and again what i am.and here it be.

An Introverted,Cynical,Sleep Deprived,Sexually Frustrated,Bored,Manic Depressive,Reclusive,Self Destructive,Self Hating,Mysanthropic,Nihilistic Rageholic who has Morbid Obsessions with Porn,Serial Killers,Grindcore,and Insanity Poetry.

this concludes the self important pity party.


N.P.:Nirvana-Floyd The Barber.


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