Sunday, April 27, 2003

i thought that it had been a long time since i posted anything...but it's only been a week.

after a 3 year absence from movie theaters i made my triumphant return to the cineplex by viewing House Of A 1000 Corpses, which was a fantastic reminder of what got me into horror movies in the first place. the story was a total homage to 70s horror/exploitation pieces like The Texas Chainsaw Massacare, Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes, etc. so it brought back the times when Tobe Hooper and Wes Craven weren't worthless hacks. the story was old school, but the look of the movie owed a lot to Natural Born Killers and Seven. i don't feel like giving one of these pretensious in depth reviews but i will say that Sheri Moon is to kill for and Bill Mosely rules the world.

Lydia Lunch is my new godess.


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