Friday, April 11, 2003

NP:Joy Division-The Only Mistake.

spring break is upon us like an army of drunk lepors with shampoo bottles stuck up their asses.

a good freind of mine once said to me he said "you need a great big tragedy in your life".this random comment has me thinbking,is that what life is for us?waiting for the shit to hit the fan just so we have something to be pissed off about?do our lives really have no purpose unless we're in a constant state of frustration and anxiety?

i don't know.i really don't.seriously,i have no idea.i really don't have a heard right,i am uniformed.i really don't know if i have any idea or a clue at all.really i don't.stop asking me.go stand in the street and wait for a bus to hit you,it's more exciting than "American Idol" or the new Metallica album.

NP:Joy Division-Atmosphere.


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