Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Beating A Dead Horse aka Fuck Metallica.

Fuck Metallica.

that's right, fuck 'em.

this is what metal has become? shitty bands like Korn and Limp Bizzkit butchering classic songs? Lars Ulrich air drumming to Avril Lavigne? cutting great songs in half because solos aren't "cool"?

is this really what Metallica had in mind 22 years ago when they wrote Kill Em All? when they were crafting songs like Trapped Under Ice and The Thing That Should Not Be, did they think "hey i can't wait unti lsome 23 year old posing a 17 year old sings a song i wrote about cars!!!"

it's time for a bomb to drop. i feel like i should do something. i swear that one day if Panzram (no web site available) gets somewhere, to a height that Metallica reaches, i will sabotage it. i will do massive amounts of cocaine, inject alchohol into my blood stream through my ballsack, marry Juliya the Uranium chick and take out my alcholism on her, put out albums that sound like Naked City and Flesh Parade watching Melvins rape Swans while Tom Waits and Nick Cave have a drinking contest with Circle of Dead Children and Pixies playing in the backround, then die on my toilet, a greasy double bacon cheeseburger in one hand, a big black dildo in the other, and 17 syringes in my neck, and my suicide note will read "yeah, i'm dead........so is my wife."

Destroy Erase Improve kicked ass.


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