Sunday, May 11, 2003

why do i bother?

this is dumb. very dumb. Zakk Wylde dumb.

i make less and less sense with each passing day. i was feeling pretty good about myself for a while there, now i'm right back where i was a few months ago.

this is pathetic, isn't it? a live journal. fuck i never thought i'd be one of these kinds of people.

i used to bullshit in the Forcebled guest book, but that's no more. i used to bitch on Idiot Parade but they banned me AGAIN. so now all i have is this. and it makes me sick. i can feel the vomit rising up my throat as i type.

people get tired of me. i wish i was them sometimes. i wish i had the luxury of just ignoring these ramblings like they all do, but i don't. i'm stuck here. most of the people i cared about consider me a downer, i know i sure do. i envy all of you. you can just turn off your computer. you only have to read this. i have to live it. be glad this is your entertainment, cause it's my life. you can talk to me, get bored, and go away. i have to listen to myself and look at myself no matter what. you think you're bored with my bullshit?? HA. think about how i feel.

have fun you....gah, finish my sentence for me.


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