Wednesday, June 11, 2003

"I have more fun, and i have more things that i like and i care about then anyone else i know. But i also have more things that make me feel unpleasent. I remember when i was 16 years old and I moved to New Yrok City, I met this square girl and one day went to her house to try and fuck her and stuff. She was very pretty and nice and clean and she was older. She introdiced me to some of her boring college freinds who were going to Brown University. At 16, I already owned 4,500 albums. Some of them, i worked the whole summer to buy. I loved my records. 4,500 records is tons of music to like. One day, I go on this trip with this girl and her freinds; it's the late seventies, the begining of really bad radio on the east coast. We're all driving in a car and the radio is blasting some shitty music. I make a few comments about the music and begged them to change the channel, telling them; "This crappy song is killing me". They all gave me dirty looks and one of them says; "you're so negative, you don't like anything". And i thought to myself, "I don't like anything?"..... I spent every penny i ever made in my life on records, and because i'm not satisfied with mainstream radio, I'm Negative?"

- Vincent Gallo.


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