Tuesday, July 29, 2003

and now for something completly different........ironically set up using an overused catchprased from the over-quoted but nonetheless brilliant Monty Python,

a movie review.

The Rules of Attraction.

i really liked the idea behind this movie, that idea being that Paul is in love with Sean while Sean is in love with Lauren while Lauren is in love with Victor and Victor is a man whore. the movie follows each of the characters as they lust after what they can't have, and in the end no one gets what they want and everyone winds up feeling like shit. i love it when that happens to people other than myself.

the previews for this movie were incredibly misleading. the previews made the movie out to be another dopey American Pie type adventure where some horny dudes are always trying to get some, where as it is more along the lines of a black comedy. i would've liked it more if they delved into the more self destructive/obsessive impulses of the characters rather than just having them bone random people to get over their losses, and i could have done without the constant backwards motion effects that seemed to take place every 5 minutes, but overall i say it was an intresting concept and a decent movie. i did like that the gay characters were total assholes, because let's face it, all guys are assholes. whether they are gay/straight/bi/asexual, we're all miserable pricks, but i digress.

i'll give the movie a 7.2, for being better than i expected, but still not going as far as they could've gone.

it should be noted that the guy who wrote the book American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis, wrote the book from which this movie is based. their are certain times where that really shows. Sean's (played by James i don't care if i spell his last name wrong Vanderbeak) last name is Bateman, just like Patrick Bateman in AP, and the characters are mostly upper middle class/rich yuppie types who are incredibly self centered, materialistic, cynical, etc.

this is the most unstructured, disjointed movie review ever. it's still better than Ebert and Roper's review of the movie.


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