Friday, July 11, 2003

with freinds like these........

who needs peace of mind and a creative outlet when you can have your very own collection of "freinds", consisting of all of the junkies, whores, potheads, faggots, and boring uncharisamatic nerds you can handle? why have one close freind who would do anything to see you happy when you can have 55+ dirtbags that will use you and discard you when you no longer serve a purpose? you can piss and shit on the one guy whose always been there, but heaven forbid you break your promise to these oh so intresting troglodytes that are just soooooo intresting and cool. they have to be, i mean they SMOKE AND DRINK! WOW what awe inspiring indivtuals!

fuck you. you're not worth the boiling blood and the foam around my mouth. you see everything but you recognize nothing.

you know who you are and what you think you are.


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