Friday, August 22, 2003

i wanna talk about the word "overrated".

this word is completley useless. my expeirence has shown me that this word is commonly used by pretensious, insecure dorks who don't like a band that a lot of other people like. rather than just come out and say "i don't like that band" and defend their opinion on an intellegent or reasonable level, when they are confronted they say things like "ohh well they're OVERRATED!". You see, what these people do is turn things around to make themselves look like they have the upper hand. he's not stupid for disliking a band that a lot of people like, a lot of people are stupid for liking a band he doesn't like.

everyone thinks that their tastes are supperiror to others. i'm guilty of such behavior, but i know my limits. i've decided that no band is overrated. none. at all. there a bands whose poularity baffles/enrages me (Coldplay, Good Charlotte), but just because i don't like them doesn't mean they are overrated. as much as it confuses me, that music means a lot to a lot of people. just like a lot of people might be confused by my worship of grindcore bands that no one outside of weirdos on a message board know about.

everyone is allowed to love and hate whatever they want and formulate their own opinons, but there is no need to attack others because of their taste. attack the film, not the viewers. attack the artist, not the investors. you can question their judgement, but don't say that's it's wrong or invalid just because it's not your judgement.

unless people are being assholes about it.


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