Sunday, August 31, 2003

NP:Foo Fighters-Times Like These

well summer vacation is over. and after a season of false starts, unceremonius conclusions, and lots of tunes for the official soundtrack, i'm fucking glad it's over.

fuck yeah. burn in hell you assholes. have fun staying wrapped up in these ruts you've created for yourselves and crying about it to anyone whose willing to buy into your self serving fashionable allienation and generic apathy. remember me when you're sterile, broken hearted, and praying for a fucking savior when the twig thin foundations of your life finally collapse under the weight of your own trivial nonsense and endless bags of bullshit. remember me when all of the junkies, faggots, whores, criminals, queens, and other assortments of parasites and scumbags that make up your circle of freinds fuck you over and cast you off for good and your left alone, confused, naked, and dead.

remember me, cause i'm going to remember you. and i am going to fucking LAUGH.

fuck on the train tracks.


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