Saturday, August 09, 2003

NP:The Cure-Open.

i don't have much to say lately. that's a good thing i guess. bitterness can wear you out.

saw Soilent Green and Burnt by the Sun on weds. fantabulous show. no one but me cares, and that's the way i likes it.

it's back to clouds and rain again. muggy as hell too. the kind of weather that makes you feel depressed and oily. i don't think of myself as a lonely guy, at least not anymore. i've gotten used to the solitude. i can break out of it whenever i feel it's necessary and go back to it when things get out of hand. i still have no idea what will become of me, but that's what makes sleep and waking up worth while. i would'nt say i'm a happy camper, i'm still as cynical as everyone that i worship and hate, and i don't have exactly high hopes for many things, but it's alright. nothing is ever perfect. and if it was, it would be boring and gay.

blah blah blah.

NP:The Cure-Apart


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