Friday, September 12, 2003

Johnny Cash: 1932-2003.

another era has ended. my words, all our words, are meaningless.

anyways, this has been a strange week musically. the Pixies reunite and Johnny Cash departs.

Johnny Cash, what can be said? he was possibly the most important, influential, and honest man in all of music. in his 50 year career, he's left behind some of the most beautiful, depressing, and intense music ever recorded.

yes, INTENSE. intensity is more than just speed riffs, blast beats, and screaming vocals. it's the honesty, the candidness of the song, of the person writing the song, the person singing the song. Johnny Cash was intense because he meant what he said. he wasn't some pretensious wanna be poet or some ego manical guitar virtuoso. he understood that simplicity was often times best. all you need is a guitar, a voice, the words, and the heart. he had it all.

he lived through some stormy weather and provided the soundtrack for himself and others who shared his lows but didn't have the skills, or the guts, to put it to use creativley. so many people just live day to day in the shit that surrounds them, doing nothing to try and better their situation. they point fingers, shift blame, and go on living in this pathetic microchosim while wishing for something better. Cash never let the stench of shit slow him down.

he always will be The Man In Black. he will always be amazing.

Rest in Peace. no one deserves it more than you.


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