Tuesday, September 02, 2003

someone in my film in literature class just said Memento was the worst movie he's ever seen.

where do i begin to sort out my feelings into a non judgemental, perhaps enlightening essay on why i.....

...nevermind. this kid either suffers from ADD or is just stupid. i'm sorry. to not like the film is one thing, but to give one of the most creative, intense, intelligent, suspensfull, well written, well acted, superbly directed films of the last 15-20 years, and maybe the best film of 2001 (edit: i just remembered that Mullholand Drive also came out that year, so it's a tie.) the title of "worst movie ever" either means that this guy prefers Olive Garden to authentic Italian Cuisine, or the average film viewer is a lot dumber than i previously thought, and it makes me enraged to the point of self mutilation and self induced (and not so self induced) regurgitation. yeah, the movie goes backwards, but there's this magical pink thing inside your skull that probably gets a lot of sleep, but you can awaken it with a minimum of fus and it will sort out everything that you're seeing.

meet.....THE BRAIN!!!!!!!! it can tell you things that already happened while NEW THINGS HAPPEN....and then it can tell you all about those things too. it's not that complicated of a tool, and it's lonely, probably suicidal from the lack of attention it gets while you watch Adam Sandler movies and drink Light Beer.

just because Memento came from a short story as opposed to a video game doesn't make it a bad movie. just because it wasn't made to sell a soundtrack album featuring 2% new material and 0% good material doesn't mean it's a bad movie.

i want a real reason as to why someone had such a strong negative POV on what i viewed as such a great film.

maybe it's just me. maybe i am the retard. after all, i didn't see any of the big block buster pop corn advertisements of this summer, and i think that the American Pie movies are boring, uninspired, juevenille, stereotypical colon scrapings masquerading as "teen comedies". shit, at least Porky's didn't pump all kinds of lame-ass cliche'd Hallmark Moments into the film to appeal to the most amount of people possible. maybe i'm the idiot for spitting back what the mainstream feeds me and then taking a dump in their Fast And The Furious style automobiles, begging and pleading for something that doesn't taste like the ass of a gorilla with a collapsed sphinctor.

eh, maybe he's a nice kid.


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