Wednesday, September 24, 2003

what i wish was NP:Tears for Fears-Head Over Heals

i'm sleepy.

school is for hopeless douchebags who are too afraid to follow their dreams, so they go to this robot factory where they crush them for you and tell you what's a "sure thing".

i wanna be a bohemian. not one of them lame ass late 80s wannabe hippie type of bohemians, who talked about being "one with the earth" while they sold the music and the ideas of the 60s to iced tea companies and car commercials and tie died their indivituality away while listening to Tracy Chapman and John Cougar Mellencamp. fuck those prick toungers. i'm talking about Charles Bukowski. an artsy nihilist with severe liver damage and a morbid sense of humor. Lydia Lunch. Tom Waits. Patti Smith. people who honestly loved art, music, and literature. not hollow womanizing idiots who only purpose in life is to exploit their "relationship woes" so nieve girls with black nail polish and no self esteem will give them blowjobs while fucking themselves with a curling iron while their roadies throw bologna on her ass, and SUPRISE! the drum tech taped the whole thing and now it's on the internet.

if the world was an asshole, i'd fuck it without lube.


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