Friday, October 31, 2003

NP:Today is the Day-Myriad

happy two months till people get trampled in malls for stuffed animals and cheap plastic toys that the kids will be bored with in a week day.

i haven't been writing (creatively at least) too much lately. i spent the entire summer in my head, now i need a vacation.

i think it's safe to say that after 6 months of nothing i finally have a band that may actually go somewhere. at least we all want to go somewhere. i'm reflecting on this year (a few months early) and i have to say it's been the most bi-polar year of my life. the good was really good and the bad was really bad. it may sound pretensious or gay or whatever, but i think i've finally found my "style" or my "voice" as far as writing goes, that is to say i feel like less of a hack.

i'll finish this later....

NP:Today is the Day-Your Life is Over


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