Tuesday, November 04, 2003

i just saw the trailer for The Punisher.

i really hoped they would'nt fuck this one up, but they did. a 5 foot tall Christopher Lambert impersonator if he was on Estrogen is playing Frank Castle. John Travolta is going to make the scenery his chew toy like every other time he's played a bad guy. the gritty Brooklyn streets filled with bullets, blood, and a different form of human scum around every corner has been replaced with palm trees, super model next door neighbors, and "stylish" gangsters.

the 1989 Punisher movie was terrible, but at least they got the atmosphere right. at least the casting was good.

it should have been Ray Liota as the Punisher vs. Vincent Donofrio as Jigsaw. written by Garth Ennis and directed by Christopher Nolan or David Fincher or someone else that's cool. i'd say Tarrantino, but he'd cram in too many generic pop culture references that have nothing to do with the story. i'd say Oliver Stone, but he'd turn it into some big soap box about how the governmen is putting AIDs in our Cancer or something.



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