Monday, December 15, 2003

i figured out why death metal fans will hate my guts once Panzram gets out there;

1. i'd rather listen to Swans than Spawn of Posession.

2. i stopped giving a shit about Suffocation after i turned 18.

3. i think that Morbid Angel at their worst is a million times better than anything Nile had ever put out.

4. i don't think cheesy gore movies, misinterpretations of satanism, and scat porn supply good lyrical inspiration.

5. i think that Tom Waits is far more macabre and unsettling than Cannibal Corpse.

6. my second favorite Cryptopsy album is Whisper Supremecy.

7. i don't think of Pig Destroyer and Discordance Axis as "art fags".

8. i realize how retarded misogony is if you're a heterosexual male.

9. i think Melvins are heavier than Mortician.

10. Chris Barnes makes me sad.

that's all i can think of....for now.


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