Friday, December 26, 2003

NP:Slayer-Divine Intervention

i think i'm just about finished with playing in "metal" bands.

i still want to play heavy, violent, noisy, fucked up music, but people don't seem to realize that there are bands out there that are absolutely heavy/nihilistic/pissed/ etc. that aren't metal.

people automatically associate "heavy" with "metal" and it's really starting to bug me. it's not that i've "outgrown" metal music. i mean i'm listening to Slayer right now. i still love a lot of metal bands, but i love them because they are good bands, not because they are metal bands.

i don't have much in common with the metal scene anymore. i don't think i ever did to begin with. i've grown exhausted with trying to get people into this music to have a more open minded outlook on music, but it's an uphill battle with a 2 ton steel covered boulder strapped around your neck with an industrial strength chain. i'd rather be in a band that rips off His Hero is Gone or Melvins than be in yet another "technical metal" band that goes absolutley nowhere.

and let me say, the 2 metal bands i've been in, it's always the guitarists who flakes out and ruins everything. it amazes me how people who listen to and play such an agressive form of music can be such fragile creatures who wilt like flowers in the rain if they're faced with any sort of difficulty. if things don't happen to them, they give up. they're so complex. they're so deep.

that is shit.

they're shallow basket cases who use their "emotional problems" as an excuse to do nothing to better their situation. this can be said about a lot of people i know. instead of doing something they care about and actually working for it, they crawl into a fetal position and cry until everyone leaves them alone, so they can be slaves in peace, without anyone pushing them to actually do something with their miserable life. they'll still be miserable, but they'll be secure. a baby with it's favorite blanket is still a baby. and that's all you'll ever be. a pathetic cry baby. the lowest rung on the food chain of human defects.

M. Sereno and Edee, thank you for ruining metal for me forever.

Fuck you, Fuck your fucking 5 string guitars, and Fuck Children of Bodom.

you'll never write riffs as awesome as Slayer and you'll never be anything more than a deer in the headlights. i just hope i'm behind the steering wheel.

NP:Slayer-Bitter Peace.


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