Saturday, March 22, 2003

i'm gonna cash in on this "Screamo" trend with this song.

Broken to the 22nd Power.

With heartstings as my noose i'm searching for you,bleeding by the broken treehouse with my bloody broken heart under a bleeding sky breaking my broken arm that's bloody and broken.My broken soul is broken like a broken heart that is breaking and bloody as it's broken and bleeding.

Now i've found you and you're broken and bloody in a junkyard filled with bleeding fallen broken stars,bloody lovel etters you broken and returned to me bleeding,and broken promises that are broken and bloody as they bleed and break.

I love the way you fill out my broken heart as you bleed and break the broken.As the broken ribs and broken bones and broken heart explode in my bleeding swollen bloody chest.

Love is on the radio..... Broken bloody love on a breaking bleeding radio that is broken as it bleeds on this bloody night of our broken bleeding valentine.The broken are bloody and breaking the bleeding as they bleed and break the broken.
the sweat peels the skin off my back from the cloth lining the casket.the moths have gotten to it while i was picking salt off your exposed jawline.once a wound now just a welt,seething from the neglect.a soft shell for the fists to crash through.when did i go from defiance to silence?about the time i dicovered ink blots and concetrated pulp.
a ball of fire and a chain of bone.the rust is cutting into my wrists like a heated sawblade.Wet as a vein in the dirt after a hailstorm.the blood thawed and flooded inside your skin.i know becuase you're translucent to eyes looking through soil.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Spring Break In Bahgdad Productions in association with Dead People Should Be Killed Entertainment proudly present.

A 30 Word Description Of Myself. By Nicholas V. Cacioppo

what am i?
who am i?
how do i fit into the grand scam that is the human race?

i have recently compiled a 30 word summary of just what,who,and again what i am.and here it be.

An Introverted,Cynical,Sleep Deprived,Sexually Frustrated,Bored,Manic Depressive,Reclusive,Self Destructive,Self Hating,Mysanthropic,Nihilistic Rageholic who has Morbid Obsessions with Porn,Serial Killers,Grindcore,and Insanity Poetry.

this concludes the self important pity party.


N.P.:Nirvana-Floyd The Barber.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

so the new musical monstrosity known as Panzram is finally starting to take feels good to be excited about playing music again.

this has been a very surreal weekend to say the least.