Saturday, March 29, 2003

today i threw cat pee soaked garbage bags filled with leaves and rotting food into the woods.i should probably take a shower.
Hollywood's latest trend seems to be this;
Making a sequel and/or prequel to a Jim Carrey movie that was released almost 10 years ago,without Jim Carrey.

Exhibit a:"When Harry Met Loyd".a prequel to IMO Carrey's best film Dumb And Dumber.neither Carrey or his co-star Jeff Daniels are in this movie,but 2 kids playing the respective characters at college.

Exhibit b:"Son Of The Mask".starring Jamie Kennedy.The Mask was a bastardized insulting watered down PG version of the brillant comic book of the same name.

lets drop a bomb on hollywood.

Friday, March 28, 2003

i can't believe Denis Leary doesn't have cancer.this guys lungs must look like a pothole ladden street covered in wet tar.maybe the only way to beat cancer is to never stop that,Truth.Com? here that world? all of you smokers out there,don't stop,because if you stop smoking ciggarettes you will die! look at Christy Turlington's father.her and her dad stopped smoking,and then he DIED. Lung Cancer my ass,he needed the horrible chemicals concentrated in these tiny sticks of tobacco and paper to i know what you're saying "Nick you ignorant slut,Kristy Turlington is'nt dead" very true,but now she has to live out the rest of her days knowing that her desire to have her and her father have clean healthy lungs cost her a man's life.she is now confined to a clean air healthy breathing hell.

Ciggarettes make you live longer.

they give you powers.

they make you immune to most types of poisons.

i've based this on absolutley nothing,but i'm sure you chain smokers out there will use this inane babling as referance point for smokers rights.

i'm gonna go take a shit.bon swa cum ja.

Monday, March 24, 2003

So truth is unfound?a beautiful lie and a distortion of senses.the rapture in black and white with the ocassional shade of red.knives under fingernails digging out the sand.still beautiful in the visual sense.a python without the venom.truth without the lie.