Friday, April 04, 2003

NP:Napalm Death-Forced To Fear.

i can smell the apathy dripping from you pores like vinegar.a ciggarette of scorpion tails between the crust.crippling addictions produce another criminal with stars in his eyes and spikes in his arm.A class of mysanthopes demand acurate representation.that in itself is warning sign.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

NP:Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Crap Cannon.

seriously,someone needs to stop Vin Diesel from making movies.
seriously,Robbie Williams is a homo.
seriously,75% of the people on tv that are "hot" are not very attractive at all.i mean i thought "Donnie Darko" was kick ass,but Jake Gyllenhall looks like a hyena on a 12 day meth binge.
seriuosly,war is really stupid,and people are really stupid.quoting Boy George is punishable by death.
seriously,misspelling "seriously" is beyond retarded.
seriously,they should make edible tampons.they could be made out of cotton candy.
seriously,Porn is fantastic.
seriously,this AxNx cd is teh sex.
serioulsy,baning smoking in bars = Jack Osbourne.

caffenine is a tasty vice.

NP:Agroaphobic Nosebleed-Blind Hatred Finds A Tit.

Monday, March 31, 2003

people need to bring back the lost art of shutting their goddamn mouths.

in these times of politcial and social unrest,i feel the need to express just exactly what my opinons are of certain matters at hand.

Killing is good.people deserve to die.humanity in all of it's forms is an infected goiter on a 78 year old's sagging ass.the human race is way past it's experiation date and it needs to be wiped off the planet before Vin Diesel makes another movie or Limp Bizkit writes another song.we had a good run,now it's time to throw in the towell.but lets make the grand finale a bloodbath on shitty raver drugs.

lying is not good.if you have a boner for killing things,then just come out and say it.don't say "ohh we have to kill these people or else they'll die".don't give people some vauge promise that it's all for "the greater good".it's want things to wanna stand on top of a mountain of bullet riddled bodies triumphantly,holding another man's spine in your hand and howling at the moon like The want life to be a video want life to have a goregrind wanna spout out cheesy one liners with a dry cool wit like you see in so many movies starring Sylvestor Stallone,Arnold Shwartzenegger,and to a lesser extent Steven Segal.

this is stupid.i love're all A.O.K in my book!!!!

Kate Hudson is like so totally hawt!!!!1!1!!!1 <@:)

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Complete the scream.there a black box filled with razor blades to help you complete this scavenger hunt.the time melts like flesh on a radiator in the august between the grey.shade a tool in your words and a killer in my scribblings.i can't stay mad at you when you look at me with that animal sorrow.i'll just boil over on the inside as ugliness has no place in your kingdom of glamour and denial.Exposure of cloth.the missing piece and the forgotten tone.A ballet of charcoal and random acts of violence.I'm not going to make it to my last meal.
NP:Neurosis-Falling Unknown.

fuck.fuck fuck fuck's days like this i wish i wasn't so melodramatic.

what a fucking shitty ass miserable weekend.i thought these days would be over.stupid me,i thought things would get better.fucking writer's block.

a freindly reminder that life is a big bowl of shit stained urine soaked cherries.