Saturday, April 12, 2003

i hope this war is over, because i'm really getting sick and tired of morons from both the left and the right biting each other's nutsacks saying "this war is bad this war is good Saddam is a terrorist Bush is a retard blah blah blah".

now this may sound hypocritical coming from me,but i'm starting to long for those days when no one gave a shit about anything other than drugs,sex,and music.i don't mind hearing well thought out discussions and debates on political affairs but i beyond sick of hearing half assed trivial shit slininging from brainless liberals and thick headed conservitives.these people wanna make you think that they don't have a personal agenda or that they're not trying to brainwash you into smiling polietely at their anecdotes and nod acordingly to any one of their speeches which somehow always mange to see the world in such black and white good and evil terms,that you think we were witnessing the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

it's this herd mentality that is breeding a culture of easily influenced basket cases with no sense of personal responsibilty.we're all very different and the human mind is way to complex of a machine to limit to a mindset that is akin to an episode of Monday Night RAW.wake up world,your brain is telling you something,it's saying 'Shut The Fuck Up and READ A BOOK YOU SILLY BASTARD!"

of course that's just my opinion,i could be ripping off Dennis Miller.

fingerprints leave streaks on the windows right next to the tounge marks.a yellowed piece of paper in the cranial ash tray.there was a time when the words that tattooed the pulp would inspire and infest.those days have slipped away with the hopes and dreams of a new generation.we only have wounds that we must ignore and starvation we must let pass by.supress and opress.write off and shift'll wake up when you're being scraped from the pavement.

Friday, April 11, 2003

NP:Joy Division-The Only Mistake.

spring break is upon us like an army of drunk lepors with shampoo bottles stuck up their asses.

a good freind of mine once said to me he said "you need a great big tragedy in your life".this random comment has me thinbking,is that what life is for us?waiting for the shit to hit the fan just so we have something to be pissed off about?do our lives really have no purpose unless we're in a constant state of frustration and anxiety?

i don't know.i really don't.seriously,i have no idea.i really don't have a heard right,i am uniformed.i really don't know if i have any idea or a clue at all.really i don't.stop asking me.go stand in the street and wait for a bus to hit you,it's more exciting than "American Idol" or the new Metallica album.

NP:Joy Division-Atmosphere.

Monday, April 07, 2003

who told you that warmth awaited in the wings?