Saturday, April 19, 2003

i'm so lonesome i could cry about it on the internet.

well this was a big waste of a week. that's alright,though. the last few months have been really hectic and i needed a week of nothingness to bring me back down to earth.

Layne Staley's body was found a year ago today. Joey Ramone died 2 years ago this month.

i like crakers.

Friday, April 18, 2003

N.P:Faith No More-Kindergarden

i couldn't crap for 2 days, now bricks are falling out of my ass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

NP:Tom Waits-The Earth Died Screaming.

lately i get this feeling that my life is like a trainwreck without spectators.just a haze of caffeine,insanity poetry,and reacurring self's pretty sad that i only have this insipid creation called a live journal to vent my bullshit on, but why should i bother anyone else with my problems? no one wants to hear about my insecurities and miseries,not even myself.......i'm just gonna listen to this song(Dirt In The Ground by Tom Waits) and come back to this....................................ok i'm back. this is getting old,and i have no one to blame but myself.

i've had enough of the self pity parties and ego denouncing.i wanna shoot people in the head with a Magnum and then have unprotected sex with the damsel in distress.i want to make people as uncomftorble as i've made myself.i want the girl that i've been lusting after for what feels like an eternity to fall asleep in my arms and whisper "i love you" as she doses off...i want...well i don't want this.not anymore.

NP:Tom Waits-In The Colloseum.
taking a shit never felt so good.