Saturday, May 10, 2003

NP:Joy Division-Day Of The Lords.

looks like i'm a miserable i feel like not making any snese and just writing for the sake of writing and being weird for the sake of being weird just like Bjork. i am not a happy fucking happy camper. why mut i be so untrusting of's your fault...yes You...don't act like you're not listening to me.i'm not int htemmod to waste ink and my brain is on fire and up in smnoke right now...typos? fuck correct spelling. this aint no college essay you fucking asshat.where di you go Joe Dimaggio? are you jamming your fingers in the cunt of the corpse of Marilyn Monroe. Whoa Whoa Whoa. lets see the Lemon heads make a pop hit out that one you godless god fearing god boy.

it's time for a new papragraph to begin......hey my band is....where did we go? we're lurking about somewheres...we're like that little old lady from the Poltergeist movie...........i saw someone who was wearing a shade of lipstick that was the worng color for them. i wanted to say something, but they might scream RAPE!!!! and then i would get the chair.....the one with the big black dildo in the center.i think i'm gonna do something let my hair grow that's CUH-RAY-ZAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this might make sense if the rabbit would get his nutbag out of that vice grip. you're enjoying my mental health or in this case lack there of.....and i don't blame you. i envy your abilty to mock others while never taking into consideration exactly how fucked up you really are.........go ahead and laugh at "American Pie 2" and listen to Metallica......fuck you you simple minded pissants.
NP:Vision Of Disorder-Up In You.

a calm blast from the back of this brain stem. a warmth in the paranoia. a kill waiting to be made of bones. the notches in the spine grow further apart with each intake of blood. the last drop made me choke. the first gave me a curious shade. the point is lost again as the wings pull the skin apart. push blood and bone aside and make a nest for a new injection.

NP:Vision Of Disorder-Jada Bloom

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Beating A Dead Horse aka Fuck Metallica.

Fuck Metallica.

that's right, fuck 'em.

this is what metal has become? shitty bands like Korn and Limp Bizzkit butchering classic songs? Lars Ulrich air drumming to Avril Lavigne? cutting great songs in half because solos aren't "cool"?

is this really what Metallica had in mind 22 years ago when they wrote Kill Em All? when they were crafting songs like Trapped Under Ice and The Thing That Should Not Be, did they think "hey i can't wait unti lsome 23 year old posing a 17 year old sings a song i wrote about cars!!!"

it's time for a bomb to drop. i feel like i should do something. i swear that one day if Panzram (no web site available) gets somewhere, to a height that Metallica reaches, i will sabotage it. i will do massive amounts of cocaine, inject alchohol into my blood stream through my ballsack, marry Juliya the Uranium chick and take out my alcholism on her, put out albums that sound like Naked City and Flesh Parade watching Melvins rape Swans while Tom Waits and Nick Cave have a drinking contest with Circle of Dead Children and Pixies playing in the backround, then die on my toilet, a greasy double bacon cheeseburger in one hand, a big black dildo in the other, and 17 syringes in my neck, and my suicide note will read "yeah, i'm is my wife."

Destroy Erase Improve kicked ass.

Sunday, May 04, 2003


i had my first mental/emotional breakdown in months at around 2:30 in the am on Friday night/Saturday morning. i took out my frustations on a perfectly innocent mix tape. it got me back though. when i broke it in half a shard of plastic cut me just below my thumb. gave me a splinter.

X-Men 2:The Last Temptation Of Jean Grey was pretty fun. made me feel like a kid again.

only have 2 weeks left of school. hopefully this summer won't be a complete waste of ti... what am i saying? i want this summer to be a complete waste of time. fuck making every moment worth something. i want pointless events that i will forget when September rolls around. i want plans to not be followed through. i want my freinds to leave me hanging.

SARs:It's not just for tourists anymore.

NP:Hum:Why I Like The Robbins.