Saturday, June 21, 2003

NP:Cephalic Carnage- Scolopendra Cinugulata

friggin miserable shitty ass weather.

i may not be witohut a band for much longer. hopefully everything works out and it does'nt turn out to be another heap of turd i have to move past.

NP:Cephalic Carnage- Anthro Emesis

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

a heterosexual pride parade would be a bunch of closet homosexuals marching down the streets trying to prove how "not gay" they are.
every ligament collapses from the outside. people don't relaize the pressure skin puts on bones. it pushes against my rib cage until my heart blows out of my chest in a comical fasion. every year to the day the woodshed becomes a chambers of horrors. i never had such a muse. a luxry you are cappable of exploiting. i guess i'm not allowed to wish for greater things.