Saturday, July 26, 2003

Karma is a bitch.

Karma is more than a bitch. it's a 200lb bull dyke with a big black strap on.

someday, Karma will fuck you up the ass and wipe the blood from your gaping sphinctor on your face.

then, i will laugh.

NP:Type 0 Negative-Life is Killing Me

ass junk.

wha zooo the world sure is bright and fluffy lately. i don't have anything to say, but in my effort to be more like everyone else, i'm going to speak anyways.

there is no need to be silent. the polluted air is'nt crowded with enough aural narcotics. share your trivial pursuit of temporary comfort with strangers. no one likes a tight sealed hole. even when you're dead, you must keep your eyes peeled and mouth open, because the world does'nt stop at your convienence. life cycles on as you spiral downward and backward. don't take this to heart, because by now it's blackend and possibly corroded. it was useless anyway.

where did that come from?

NP:Type 0 Negative-(We Were) Electrocute

Friday, July 25, 2003

NP:Harakiri-Numeric Brandings

the internet sucks without the relapse board Part Deux.