Saturday, January 17, 2004


what a pathetic existence i lead. 1:30 on a Saturday Night, sitting on a computer, listening to this Circle Takes The Square song for the 15th billion time. the only beer in the house is the sweat of hairy mexican ass known as Corona, my feet are cold, and i'm in another one of my "moods" for no good reason i can think of.

i know i should be out, surrounded by strangers in some shitty bar with crappy music and bad drinks. but would that really make much of a difference? i'd still be consumed with the feeling of solidified liquid shit, that sense that i'm the only one who knows what miserable boring pieces of shit we really are.

i've been told to go out more, get some air, make some freinds, fuck some girls.

the air is polluted.

the freinds are sharpening the knives and hugging you only to find the most sensitive spot in your back to place said knives.

the girls are not into "the quiet types", so they opt for someone abit more "confident". someone who won't hesitate to knock the teeth out of their mouthes if they "step out of line". rather then make an effort to talk to a nice guy, you'd rather go into an uphill battle unarmed with an army of criminally insane rapists, so you can be champion for brining out their "sensitive side". hey i guess i'm not so nice after all.

will you fuck me now you worthless sack of cunt?


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