Monday, January 26, 2004

i'm toying with the idea of recording hours of noise/drone stuff and screeching over it.

chances are as long as i live here i'll be surrounded by people who just don't "get it". i don't care if never become a "skilled musician". most of the "skilled musicians" i've met are boring, narrow minded, self absorbed assholes who are only obsessed with the superficial (aka worthless) side of the music. production values are nice, but if the songs suck and the band is boring, then the songs suck and the band is boring.

i say "heavy", people think "metal", then they think "Pantera", then they talk about beer that tastes like piss and women that they will never fuck.

i say "punk" and people think postcards from London circa 1977 or they think Green Day.

i say "hardcore" and people think Hatebreed, some think anything that has loud guitars and rough vocals.

now you say "grindcore" and people think Daughters, DEP, and to an even more nauseating extent an Albatross.

it's fucking depressing. death metal is boring. black metal is joyless trash. metalcore = warm flat New Coke.

i don't care about "supporting the scene". the scene doesn't even support itself. it's a fucking black hole.

fuck this. i'm going to go watch wrestling.


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