Wednesday, February 11, 2004


my eyes are about 2 inches from the ashtray, pregnant with cigarrette butts. small flakes of sparking ash rain down on them, followed by an ejaculation of saliva from the heavens aka some woman's mouth.

i've never seen this woman before in my life. her eylids didn't move, so she had little vertitical slits splitting them, revealing the pupils and the surrounding blue circle gradually swallowing it. when she smiled, her skin would wrinkle until it resembled a canvas of crevaces. tiny rivers of blood would trickle down her cheeks like the tears after a deep yawn, the kind that force their way through the tightly shut cracks of your eyelids. because of her vertical eye-slits, the light red liguid would flow straight down her face, around her nightcrawler lips and trimming around her pointed witch chin.

she's bare-ass naked, by the way.

her body is near perfection. i couldn't really get a good enough look though. before i could savor and tattoo her form into my permanent memories her skin melted off, revealing a skeleton of copper wires and coat hangers tightly wound around each other. the joints were held together by balls of lumpy bleached clay, each ball covered with anorexic worms pretending to be veins. where her heart would be there is an orgy of spewing maggots and worms, some waiting for money shots that never came. i looked up and saw that her face had been peeled off, the bloody rubber sheet that was once her visage, a scalp of angel hair connected to it were now rotting though the wooden floor board. where her face once was is now a stout, mirrored cylinder.

it's too damn early for this.

i return my focus to the ashtray. the saliva had given the cigarrette butts life. they crawled around like drunken, beige worms. some grew insect eyes at the burnt end of the filter. this must have really captivated me, because when i gazed down at my body my large intestine was being pulled out through a tiny hole in my stomach. most of it had wrapped around her entire fist, still pulsating with some kind of life, until it finally broke.

so now i have an oozing wire flailing around, sticking out my gut like a dog's skinned tail trapped in a door. and to go with the motif of the morning, it of course grew a pair of fangs and began devouring me, starting at my legs and eventually cupping it's mouth shut on the top of my head.

i'm glad it's over, too.


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