Friday, February 20, 2004

NP:Faith No More-Easy

had a dream last night that i fell in love with a girl who looked like Jewel DeNyle. it's the first time in a long time that my love interest in my dreams had been in a girl i didn't know in everyday life. that's nice. no moments of awkwardness when bumping into her at school or whatever, because i'll probably never meet her.

vacations over. did nothing. not much to do. had writer's block again, but i was able to pull it together to write a college admissions essay about the point in my life when everything became beautiful shit, as well as a revenge song for a certain douchebag who shall remain......a douchebag.

i'm currently in love with three women. they make up quite a nice trifecta; the one i could have had, the one i can never have, and the one i'm too afraid to have. all their names end in vowels. and they're all way hot. and i'm better looking then the guys they are currently fucking.

guess i win again.

ohhhhh kay.

NP:Failure-Enjoy the Silence


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