Tuesday, February 10, 2004


i'm bored with my own thoughts. seriously. every word i type makes me vomit just a little bit. well...it's not really "vomiting", it's more like when you belch and there's a little bit of puke that tries to sneak out, so you have to swallow it and then it gives you diarhea. not really "diarhea" but more like when you fart and a little bit of poopoo sneaks out of your ass. you think it's just a fart bubble, but it leaves a wet brown feeling in your pantaloons. then you vomit. while you're vomiting, you shit your pants. you're leaking human sewage from both ends. to complete this trifecta, jerk off. if jerking off causes your nose to bleed, then you lose and you have to start all over again. and you also have to eat your vomit and wash it down with your poo. you don't have to eat the jizz or drink the blood, because that would be gross.



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