Tuesday, February 03, 2004


the music of Eva Braun's suicide attempts.

i'm thinking about becoming a junkie. i'd hate to disapoint all my frein...........well my girlfreind would surely be upse...........i'd hate to ruin my band's chance at a promis.............

why am i just thinking about it? whose heart do i have to break? whose life do i have to ruin? whose career do i have to sabotage? my own? puh-leeez. for all i know i could be a figment of someone's imagination or a ghost.

i don't want to live to see you get married.
i don't want to live to see you succeed.

if i'm not along for the ride, then i hope you get in an accident. if that sounds cold hearted, then i hope irony is not lost on you. although it probably is.

suicide a-hoy.


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