Saturday, April 17, 2004

a film review.

the Punisher.

excuse me for any forthcoming typos, but it's hard to type with a foot in your mouth.

no spoilers because that would be lame.

this was probably the best Marvel comic movie ever. like most people, i was weary of the casting choices, but Thomas Jane really pulled it off. the supporting cast was great too, even Travolta, who usually sucks as a villain.

the movie itself; it tweaked his origin, but if it's at all possible the movie made the death of his family even more senseless and heartbreaking than the comic did. it's not just his wife and his kid, it's everyone he ever loved. so many of the scenes were ripped from various Punisher stories (Mickey's tourture, Dave's tourture, the fight scene with the Russian) that it could satisfy geeks like me, but on top from being a great adaptation of the comics, it's just a really good character driven action film. the humor is usually deadpan, the performances aren't too over the top, the score was even pretty good (thank god they kept the soundtrack songs to a minimal, unlike Daredevil), and the action scenes were somewhat inventive and non gratutious.

the Punisher proved that Marvel Comic movies don't need tons of CGI (the Hulk) or big name actors for the sake of big name actors (Daredevil), they just need strong characters and well written story.

sorry there isn't more to this review, but i have a headache.


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