Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Kurt Cobain.

i've heard/read that name about 10000 times in the last 3 days. it's either people pining over the "tormented soul" or people attacking him in a pathetic (and at this point redundant) attempt to appear like some kind of advanced music fan or whatever.

both sides of this thing piss me off.

i like Nirvana's music. Cobain seemed like a cool guy from what i've read and seen in interviews. IMO, he didn't seem to be the "hopeless depressed suicidal junkie" that MTV and Courtney Love made him out to be. to me, he seemed like some shy, cynical down to earth guy who couldn't believe so many people were into his little band. there was a lot more to Nirvana, and a good bulk of the "Seattle Bands" than "whining about how miserable their lives are", much to the chagrin of aging cock rockers and wannabe rock star assholes. it is possible that people make music because *gasp* they ENJOY IT. not everyone wants to be David Lee Roth or Axl Rose (and with good reason when you see the fucking mess those 2 have become). a lot of people criticize the bands of that error for "not wanting to be famous" or not indulging in the generic rock star backstage bullshit that has become so ver very passe. i don't think they were against success, it just came as a suprise. i mean one minute Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton are all over the place, the next minute a quasi-punk band from Aberdeen has dethroned Michael Jackson as the #1 arist on the Billboard charts. how can anyone prepare for something like that? by 1994 i think Cobain wanted a change in his life, that doesn't = kill himself. he wanted out. out of Seattle, out of his marriage that would possibly (actually definitetly) lead to doom, out of the bullshit. he wanted some substance in his life. he didn't wanna be mr. Teen Spirit the rest of his life. because of that, a lot of people could lose a lot of money if Kurt just dropped the image (an image he did'nt create or ask for, BTW) so a lot of people could want him out of the picture, so they can fill in the blanks themselves. they don't need the man, just a picture of him looking sad......but i digress.

his admirers and his detractors are guilty of getting caught up in one of the worst cases of sensationalism and exploitation i've ever seen. you're never going to get a real story on what happend or who Kurt Cobain was, just the abbrievated and often fabricated rambling of an insane wentch and a corporation built on a foundation of brain washing the youth of america into believing that fashionable allienation is the only way to rebel....but again, i digress.

if you aren't going to bother to look into the story outside of a ten year old sound bite from Kurt Schroder and some asshole Spin magazine writer's version of Cobain than do the few of us who really do want to know what really happend a favor and shut the fuck up. buying into the bullshit is like aiming a stream of piss on all of your Nirvana albums. and if you're one of the many who hated Nirvana's music, keep your ignorant opinon to yourself. no one is interested in reading the bitter rambings of some jaded indie rock hipster or some idiot metalhead who thinks it's Seattle fault that Thrash started to suck in the 90s. if you didn't like his music, good for you. but you're not proving anything other than your a stupid useless perpetually negative cretin who more than likely has never contributed anything to the world of art or music other than a worthless opinion that based more on "looking cool" than it is a true love or passion for anything.

i do envy Cobain, though. at least he's not alive to see what a mockery everyone (the ones who love and hate) has made of him. whether it's a knuckle-dragging meathead who says "i'm glad he's dead he couldn't play guitar derrrr Deicide" (who was never suposed to like Nirvana anyway) or the 100 dozen or so clone-bands that think bleaching your hair and writing about dumb shit that pissed you off in high school is paying tribute to a man who fought against stuff like that, you're all guilty of believing lies and making everything suck just that much more. things were going okay until you all opened your big mouths.

burn in hell, you cockdusters.


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