Saturday, June 12, 2004

NP:Pg.99-Cip Len Rae

haven't really had the compulsion to write much lately. guess cause i have things to look forward too now. also i think i've finally "made peace" with problems that have been quietly eating me alive for like 5 years. i put "made peace" in quatations because i don't think that forgetting about something and/or casting it away = making peace. making peace is eating out the woman who killed your family and ruined your life, and liking it. i think the proper thing to say would be i'm taking these plauges and leaving them to twitch and die in a locked room without food or water, blindfolded, hands tied behind their back, legs tied together, and a urine soaked ball gag in their mouth while i go out and live the life i should have been living while i was busy pining over girls i will never have or bands that will never exist or places i will never go.

i've realized that none of them were ever meant to be, so i'm moving on. i've let the shit pile up long enough, and all their muse potential has been exhausted, almost to a point of parody. the only thing i do regret is all of the potentially good things i missed because i was so preoccupied with obsessions that would never pay off. that's life i guess.


NP:Pg.99-Wood and Ink


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