Saturday, July 10, 2004

NP:Napalm Death-Truth Drug

summer is snaking along with little to no inncident. haven't had to much to write about, but i've managed to squeeze out some ideas here and there, including the blueprints for a comic book/graphic novel that will never get made unless i meet some great artist by chance who is willing to draw a talking burn victim/guardian angel and a 10 year old filled with murderous's not a super-hero book, by the by. kind of the Aileen Wournos story as told by Garth Ennis and/or Carlton Mellick III.

i used to love comics. hell i still do. i can still read Watchmen and consider it one of the best pieces of literature ever. i lost interest in comics after they began heavily relying on dopey gimmicks, nonsensical inter company crossovers (i may have been young, but i knew that the whole Marvel vs. DC series was about as low as it could get.) the "Bad Girl" craze ("12 year olds can't buy porn so we'll draw these ridiculous exagerations of the female body, put them in a bra 3 sizes too small, a thong, and fuck-me boots, give them some sort of a giant phallic-like weapon like a sword or staff or giant gun, and draw all kinds of sexually suggestive poses and market them as legitmate stroytelling"), and Rob Liefeld. the artwork still drew me in, but the stories and the characters were about as thin and weak as can be.the hyper-sexuality of the 90s that was affecting all aspects of pop culture turned comics into little more than masturbation fodder for delusional fanboys too afraid to look at *gasp* REAL PORNOGRAPHY. if you wanna do Pin-Up art, do Pin-Up art. don't try and mask your pereversity by tossing together some hackenyed plot from 1000000 b-movies. i also lost interest in the superhero books i used to love. how many flying people in tights can you possibly have? how many more teams of mutants (or "metahumans" *shudder*) can there be? no one is ever going to create another Batman or Spider-Man, no team will ever be more compelling then the X-Men, so just leave it be. try and do something really unique and out-there. that's really what i want to do if i ever get into making a comic or graphic novel. the antithesis of what has nearly killed an entire industry. something still wild and out there, but more like a drive in movie (or "Grind House" film) being written by a mental patient and directed by the Manson family. real bad-asses as opposed to Wolverine and Punisher knock offs with more guns than brains. a real tough as nails woman as opposed to some exagerated super model in a painted on bathing suit and high heels with more tits than brains. a story with some violence and sexuality as opposed to violence and sexuality with some story. characters instead of action figures. dialouge instead of catchphrases and "BOOM!" written in big letters.

and that's probably why i'll never get it going.


NP:Napalm Death-the Traitor.


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