Monday, September 13, 2004

my summer with sludge and the overall crumbiness of OTEP i've been in this band the Communion for 3 months. so far so good. i really like where all of this is going. it took me a while to find the right thing, but i think this just may be it. it feels better than other bands/musicians i've jammed with. more organic, more intense, not to simple and not to complicated. we're recording next month and shows should follow soon after. usually when i get excited or pleased with a situation something happens to fuck it up, so i'll probably always be a little paranoid, but i can still enjoy myself i hope.....

OTEP is the worst thing to happen to music/art/poetry since teenagers with daddy issues. what a humorless, pretensious, self important piece of expired vaginal crust this woman is. her writing is tacky and juevenille, her image is a transparent one dimension, heavily graffitied with bad tattooes and useless piercings to create the illusion of a tourtured artist. the worse thing a writer/musician/artist can do is go on and on about how deep and introspective and real their work is, but i'll forgive her for that since it's more than likely that she's a naieve pawn of comittee thinking. some dickhead record execs trying to squeeze what little life is left in the nu-metal trend by writing up PRs littered with words like "art", "poet", and modifications of those words. they probably stuck a band behind this girl and let her defecate her thoughts through her mouth, knowing that this isn't brilliant or poetic or artistic, it's money in the bank. Slipknot with a chick screeching and a pseudo intellectual attitude. it's still the same crap that's slowly been killing metal and rock music for the last 10 years; Angst instead of insight. finger pointing in place of personal and outside reflection. maybe she is well read, or maybe she's the type who will name drop Sylvia Plath and Bikini Kill, somehow convinced that she's solidified her status as a unique rebel with something to say. i can't tell because her writing doesn't tell me.

the smarter of us can usually tell when someone is coming from a place of truth or a shopping mall of insight(tm), the rest (the majority) usually frequent that shopping mall. there are always going to be insecure children looking for someone to plant thoughts in their heads. OTEP isn't coming up with anything that couldn't be found in any other mopey dumbass teen or pre-teen sticker covered notebook, and maybe that's her appeal. that she's just like all these other dopey girls who write poems about being raped when they couldn't pick out a cock among a line-up of Oscar Meyer weiners. the difference is they're just kids and hopefully if they're serious about writing they will move past that. OTEP is not helping these people any by making money off these naieve kids, spitting out tired diatribes about how everyone is out to get you and grown-ups are just big meanines who want to take away your Playstation priveleges for saying naughty words in front of Grandma.

the only good that can come of this is the people who buy her albums will look into some real writers, poets, thinkers. than they'll see what a sham OTEP really is.


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