Saturday, September 04, 2004

NP:Black Flag-My War

well it's the last weekend of summer and once again i've managed to work my brain into a fit of rage by revisting past emotions and over-dramatizing present ones. it's hot and sticky and a young Henry Rollins is slowly convincing me to put my fist through windows, mirrors, TV screens, and any other sheet of glass i may find.

there is some kind of *gasp* optimism creeping into my mind, though. a new school where hopefully i'll be able to mildly overcome these anti-social parasites, at least enough where i can croak out a "hello" to the pretty girl smiling at me, maybe even shoot a smile back and withhold the usual compulsion to say something completely alienating or weird.....

.....what am i saying? that's who i am. alienating. weird. the bearer of unpopular opinion and contempt for a majority of the human race. i'll just have to put up that torn discolored flag of misanthropic artistry and innapropriate rage and see what other solitary misfits take notice.

the band seems to be moving full steam ahead. happy about that. writing has been running hot and cold all summer...sometimes complete nothingness, sometimes speedy rivers of blood and thought. i've noticed that i've been writing a lot about violent graphic sex and contempt for the modern poet/writer/artist.

i'm glad the Fall is here. the season and your life. muwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


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