Thursday, September 30, 2004

NP:Oxbow-An Evil Heat

How To Make Voting More Fun.
by Nicholas V. Cacioppo

there's a lot of talk nowadays about voting, specifically how not enough people do it. here are some suggestions to make the whole expeirence more interactive, more fun, and yes, more American.


we already know the republican, democrat, and assorted 3rd party candidates, but the mystery candidate could be anyone...possibly someone who is *gasp* QUALIFIED TO LEAD THE WORLD'S GREATEST SUPER-POWER. or it could be Stone Cold Steve Austin.

2. some fun slogans like;

"Choose your Vote! the wrong choice is ELECTRIFIED!"

3. every voting booth should have a self destruct button, or at least a ketchup spraying gun like they have at White Castle.

that's all for now. and for further guidance and information about voting, consult your local celebrity, because who knows what's good for you better than some vain vapid 24 year old billionaire with a drug habit and STDs?


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