Monday, September 13, 2004

Self Victimization is NOT Empowerment or Liberation.

Fuck Lifetime orginal movies. Fuck Oprah's book club. Fuck metrosexuals and the soft little angels that dare call themselves "enlightend sensitive males".

fuck "Feminism".

sexism is sexism is sexism. look at Valarie Solanis. she was a bitter, mean spirited paranoid mental defective who nearly killed a couple of people because she was a delusional mess of a human being. yet her ignorant sexist drivel is praised as a benchmark of women's lib. i don't differentiate her from the dopey "14 year old who just discovered De Sade and Death Metal" ramblings of Peter Sotos. yet if Sotos is attacked for being ignorant or sexist, many will nod their head in agreement. if Solanis is called out on being intolerant, cruel, and stupid, suddenly i'm a misogynist.

i'm no misogynist, i just feel that women are part of the same chain-gang of human defects that men are shackled to at the wrist, ankles, and crotch. it's stupid (and dangerous) to assume or pretend that one gender is smarter/stronger/weaker/dumber than the other, or that one gender should live in servitude or awe of another. everyone would be a lot happier if they just let go of these 6th generation sexist tirades and just excepted the fact that we're all fucked up and ugly at times and no one...NO ONE is an exception to that rule.

in this genetic grab bag called humanity,there are a few gold nuggets, but there are a lot more lumps of shit. having an innie or an outtie makes no difference.


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