Tuesday, December 07, 2004

NP:The Cranberries-Linger

so my first semester @ Hovstraw is almost under my dirty non-white belt. yippee.

i think i might be in love, and once again i can't do anything about it. it's weird though, i don't feel angry about it. a little sad, maybe cahnfoosed (as the lovely Irish Siren would so sing), but not the foaming at the mouth rage i usually feel towards situations like this. guess i'm pussying out...or maybe it won't hit me until i spill my guts and she shrugs her shoulders, not even gagging at the sight of my pathetic stomach worms, gazing up at her with their vacant but sorrowful eyes, as if to say.....guts don't talk silly poo.

..yeah, there it is.

fuh-kin broads....


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