Friday, December 10, 2004

NP:The Germs-Communist Eyes

it hasn't stopped raining since tuesday.

-i can almost feel the bells and fiber glass leaves of the noose that is the holiday season tightening around my neck, hands being burnt by the light bulbs of fake candles.

-my dinner is attacking my insides with post digestion acids and i'm digging through MP3s that have been on my computer for months, because i'm too damn lazy and cheap to buy CDRs.

-my appetite for various forms of punk music has grown in the last 6 months since i started playing in the Communion, and i feel like a total poser asshole for not discovering the brillance of bands like the Germs, Rudimentary Peni, Disrupt, Nausea, the Righteous Pigs, and others until recently.

-there are so many books, albums, and DVDs i want to get that it's repulsive.

-anyone who doesn't at least appreciate the music of Tom Waits is in fact a completely useless sack of asshole.

-punk in it's many forms and transgressive authors have saved my life through it's complete ruiniation.

NP:Nausea-System Break Down


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