Thursday, December 30, 2004

Shelly Duvall has a lovely singing voice.

there is nothing more stupid then writing about how bored you are, but who ever said i was a genius? i mean yeah, i wear glasses and get good grades and have no freinds and haven't even had an opportunity to get laid since high school, but that doesn't make me a communist, this little red sash with the lepre playing the violin on the grave of a clown's skeleton while his skin looks on in about as much amusement as his empty eye sockets will allow, now there is your so-called messiah....look at him and he doesn't even know it....eating apples...little do you know you draw closer to the Queen apple, rich with sugar maggots and candied goats..they have caramel kidneys freshly served from a rib cage, pryed open and steaming like oxygen in winter. Kidneys aren't in the rib cage, you say? well now i guess this whole thing makes no sense....drugs? who is drugs? my name is Sob R. Iety and you're going to be cleaning my guns with your bullet riddled head....head filled with bullets from the gun you is.

happy new's the same as the old year, only now it comes with a prize inside. i got a plastic ring that whisltes when you blow in to it. so long.


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