Friday, January 23, 2004

the more things change, the more the same things become a joke.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Circle Takes the Square - As The Roots Undo.


if Sonic Youth and Godspeed You Black Emperor got together and played violent emotional hardcore, they would be Circle Takes the Square.

every song is awesome. the songs stand out on their own, but they also mesh together perfectly. the fast punk/hardcore parts are insanely fast, not in a grindcore sense, but more of late 80s early 90s emo (Heroin, Antioch Arrow) being pushed to it's breaking point. the melodic passages invoke the afformentioned Godspeed you Black Emperor (in my mind, that is), and are a great contrast that compliments the agressive side of the music rather than clashing with it (unlike Between the Buried and Me).

music this over the top needs lyrics that match the peaks, valleys, and flatlines, and CTTS's are no exception. some of the lyrics border on being too pretensious/artsy, but they play with so much energy and passion (i can hear the cries of "faggot") that it sounds (and feels) genuine and not just art for art's sake. and i much prefer good artistic, emotional lyrics to the generic nihilsm and general thoughtlessness of most lyrics out there today (in the underground and abroad).

well enough of this gay banter, go listen to the album.

NP:Circle Takes the Square-A Crater to Cough In.

Monday, January 19, 2004

this makes a mockery of everything that istand for, but i think i'm in love with Beyonce Knowles.

there. i said it.

tomorrow i begin what hopefully will be my last semester at Nassau Community High School for Dumb and/or Poor Twenty Somethings. i'll finally be able to apply my vast knowledge of short stories and bowling to real life situations.

this winter break has been mind numbing and for the most part non-productive, thanks mostly to my musical plans getting squashed by certain dipshits who i wouldn't piss on if their heads were on fire, as well as really bad writer's block that derailed my intentions of putting together some projects (how's THAT for pretensious self cock-suckery?) that have been floating around in fragments for quite some time.

about all i did do was read 7 books (2 by Bret Easton Ellis, 5 by Chuck Palahniuk), watch a bunch of DVDs and buy a bunch of cds. and i jerked off a lot, so much so that porn stars have made a permanent residence in my sub consious.

it's times like these you learn to accept the fact that everything will fail and no one really likes you, unless they need an inexpensive time killer or a self esteem booster.